Little City of Rocks


A hike through unusual rock formations nears Gooding, Idaho

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The drive to Gooding isn't really stimulating, but neither is it long. Soon we were out enjoying a beautiful Idaho spring day.

We hadn't gone far when this old coot cautioned us about rattlers. He claimed to have seen several, and we don't doubt him. But we didn't see a single one.

We had only walked about one-half mile and we were in a wonderland of hoodoos, goblins, and secret passageways.

For the casual hiker, this is a great area. You can walk pretty much anywhere. It also looked like it might be fun bouldering, but the girls weren't into that. Instead, we imagined fantastic shapes and things to eat. See the bunny? Not to eat, silly- to pet!

Although it may seem that the rock formations would be limited, there are actually thousands of them scattered densely over a few hundred acres.

There were windows and towers. Animals of all kinds. But the only real wildlife we saw were buzzards.

This one looked more like a turkey.

As the day warmed, we came upon a swimming hole. The water seemed to be running and clean, so they did what girls do with a swimming hole on a hot spring day.

We had intended to do a loop, but the girls decided they had gone far enough. We'll go back someday and do the loop described in Sheldon's book.

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