Alpine Lake


A backpack trip into the Sawtooths

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We drove up to the Sunshine campground on Friday evening, arriving a little before dark.

Jasmine was excited to have a buddy on an outing: someone to share the torture.

While John quickly set up camp, the girls explored the area with a camera. Here Shannon stands beside the Salmon River.

Then we turned in early, expecting a long day tomorrow.

We loaded up early and headed to Redfish Lake where we had breakfast at the lodge. Then we caught the boat to the end of the lake.

The girls enjoyed the novelty of carrying packs. It was a nice day, and they were soon in shirtsleeves walking up Redfish Creek.

There are many outstanding peaks along the Redfish Creek trail. The Elephant's Perch rises almost 1600' with about 25 routes on it.

As you continue up the valley, the mountains accompany you on both sides.

Shannon impressed us with her strength.

Jasmine didn't even need a stick for help. Later in the afternoon, we got caught in a brief hailstorm.

As the miles wore on, Jasmine began to develop blisters on her heels. She was angry with her dad, so wouldn't let him doctor them.


Unfortunately, the blisters on Jasmine's feet stung so bad she couldn't enjoy swimming in the lake. She and Shannon made the most of things by exploring the area...on foot.

Sunrise the next day got us going.

Downhill, Jasmine's blisters didn't hurt so much and we made good time for a while. Then Shannon, who had avoided blisters on yesterday's climb up the hill, developed blisters on her toes from the downhill. By the time we got back to Redfish Lake, both girls were in tears.

At least the cold lake water made them feel better.

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