Three Fingers Rock


A hike and climb of Oregon's Three Fingers Rock near Owyhee Reservoir- not quite as impressive as that Jack with three fingers in western Oregon.

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After a scenic drive through Succor Creek, we wound our way along some slightly rough dirt roads. Soon we could see ol' 3-Finger off in the distance. This view is sort of sideways, so you can't see the divisions between the fingers. Nonetheless, the steep profile was enough to make the girls nervous.

This picture, taken from a different angle on a different day, shows why they call it "Three Finger Rock."

After wandering through the sagebrush and following cow trails, we found a path worn up the prominent eastern gully. Here Chris approaches the notch.

After a bit of scrambling, including some areas where it was parental duty to spot the kids, we made it to the top. What a view!

In this picture, one of the treasures of the Owyhees is visible: wild horses. Some of those little dots are animals, some sagebrush. Click the picture for a bigger version.

While Tom's family followed the same route to return to the car, John's descended on the south side. It was a little rougher and wilder, but presented little problem.

Then it was time to wander back across the grasslands and load back into the van for the ride home. Nice hike.

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