This was a very busy summer as I was training hard for Peak Week in July. Of course, if Dad is training, so is the rest of the family.

January 19 Mores Mountain skiing Jasmine
January 20 Mores Mountain skiing Carl
January 25 Mores Mountain skiing Tom
February 6 Pilot's Peak and Freeman Peak skiing Carl
March 3 Steele Mountain skiing solo
March 17 Jughandle skiing Art
March 21 Mores Mountain skiing the Boyz
May 12 Three Finger Rock John's and Tom's families
May 13-14 Diamond Peak Art
May 19 Little City of Rocks Jasmine and Shannon
May 22 North Sister no summit Tom and Todd
May 31 Goose Creek Falls Jasmine and Richard
June 1 Golden Lake Jasmine and Richard
June 6 Mores Mountain bushwhack Jasmine
June 14-15 Hell Roaring Lake Jasmine
June 23-25 Eagle Cap Julie
July 1-3 Brian Mahon's Day Off (Hyndman, Cobb, Church, Donaldson, and Borah in 3 days) Brian
July 6 Sheep Lake Richard, Shelley, Mariel, and Jasmine
July 7 Fitsum Peak Art
July 15-20 Peak Week (Hood, Adams, St. Helens, Washington, North Sister, Middle Sister, South Sister, and Rainier Brian, Harry, Richard, Shelley, Julie, Jerry, and Vince (plus support team)
August 25-26 Alpine Lake Jasmine and Shannon
September 8-9 Bell Mountain Art
October 6 Mt. Baal Art and Carol
October 7 Lake Thirtythree Richard
October 13 Needles Art
October 14 Box Lake Loop Tom T and Art

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