War Eagle Peak


A climb of War Eagle Peak in the Owyhee mountains near Silver City.

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You can see the Owyhee peaks from Boise when the air is clean. This is our objective for the day, War Eagle Peak.

We parked in the park outside Silver City and walked around a bit. It's a ghost town now, but was in full glory in the late 1800's.

We picked out a route up a valley that led to a road. We followed the road to above timberline, then proceeded cross-country through the sage.

We had a lunch break in the sun. It was very peaceful until a pesky bug showed up.

Jasmine was happy to gain the summit.

Sometimes these gullies are visible from Boise in the spring. When full of snow, they might offer some fun climbing.

The hills are alive, with the ....never mind.

The entire Silver City area is honeycombed with glory holes. It's interesting historically, but from an environmental perspective, unfortunate.

We looped on our way back to see more terrain. We followed game trails, ...or were those cow paths? Either way, we were soon back to the truck for the long drive over New York summit and home.

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