Thorn Creek Lookout


A short hike above Idaho City to get out of Boise's summer heat, this area offers outstanding views and wildflowers in July.

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Trying to escape the Boise heat, John pulled out his mental list of cool places. he had ridden up here several times on a closed road. The road we drove this day was an alternate route he had not tried. Although it was slow, the low speed had a calming effect. And the gentle breeze on top was wonderful.

We parked down low and hiked cross-country up to the lookout. Along the way, we saw raptors, and found an old mining cabin.

John led the girls down to the beginnings of the Cottonwood Creek trail. Along the creek, the wildflowers were in full bloom. These paintbrush were amazingly pink.

If Julie were writing this, she'd tell you what these things are called.

I know, I know. Columbine!

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