Thompson and Williams Peaks


Climbs of two Sawtooth peaks: Thompson Peak and Williams Peak.

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We drove up the evening before, and had an excellent dinner at the Casino Club in Stanley. The arrows show our two peaks from downtown: Thompson on the left, Williams on the right.
As we walked in to the restaurant, someone spoke John's name. Startled, John turned to see this ol' cowpoke standing there at the bar. In a former life, John knew him as "Humps".

We spent a noisy night at the campgrounds at Redfish Lake.

Early the next morning we were off hiking in solitude. During a rest break, we were visited by these friendly critters. We were sitting on the ground right on "their" trail, and they stayed for some time, trying to decide what to make of us.

A little higher, we finally got a full view of Mt. Thompson. The route goes up the back side from here.

But first our plans called for climbing Williams. Will the real summit please stand up?

We fussed around a bit and finally decided on an approach. Near the top, John found himself only 30' from the true summit, but with no way to get there. He had to back down 300' out of a blind alley.

As John was backing down, Todd caught up. It wasn't clear that the new route would go. Todd didn't like the looks of it, but followed anyway. He was glad when John made the summit (this was Class 4).

Knowing the descent might be scary, Todd had trouble enjoying the summit.

However, it went fine and we were soon lunching at a small lake. With miles still to go, we headed for Thompson.

After our fun time on Williams, the gully on Thompson went easily.

I had been here before, maybe 1973?

But here were were again. Todd signed in, and we started a long walk back to the car.

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