Snowslide Peak


A traverse of Snowslide Peak in the Lick Creek range near McCall, Idaho that got a little out of hand.

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John had climbed Snowslide many years ago, and had only a dim memory of it. As usual, Jasmine started the morning off in an uncooperative mood.

After the 2 mile hike into Snowslide Lake, she was in good spirits. After all, it was a sunny, warm day with beautiful scenery.

To get to the summit by the west/south ridges, it's mostly just a hike.

But we had intended to traverse the summit and drop down to the pass to the north. One look at the rocky precipice and John knew that he had to change plans. Even with the 'easy' downclimb to the east, there was some risk involved. Jasmine handled it with aplomb.

Once back at the saddle, there is a rough trail to follow.

The face of the mountain, visible in the background, is quite sheer.

Jasmine's favorite part of this hike was doing the creek crossing solo.

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