Jump Creek


An off-season hike in Idaho's Owyhee mountains.

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This is a great early spring hike.

The first 1/2 mile is overcrowded, overused, over-littered, and generally overrated. Most people stop at the waterfall, which is a good thing.

If you go all the way to the waterfall, it's a blind alley. One must rock climb to bypass this drop, but after making the climb we saw no one the remainder of the day until we reached the parking lot again.

As we said, early spring is good. Otherwise the large volume of poison oak would be awful. Dad had already taught Jasmine to identify this noxious stuff, so she was able to avoid it.

The trail through the canyon wanders a bit; it may actually be "bovine singletrack". At any rate, the canyon has many rock features and is quite pretty.

After a while, we cut cross-country to the top of the canyon. Julie was happy to be 'saved' from the poison oak.

Jasmine had to be held down to get her into a picture.

The uplands also had lots of rock features. Later in the year, this would be a good alternative to risking the itchies in the canyon.
The sun was going down as we returned to the car.

This map shows the hike, but also the approach.

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