Platt Family Reunion


A gathering of the clan at Upper Payette Lake near McCall, Idaho

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There were so many of us, we had to wear name tags. More than once, the query was heard, "Are you my mama?" or perhaps it was "Who's your mama?"

During one of the driest summers on record, we managed to go camping in the rain.

But we did get some sunshine.

Richard was our fearless leader.

After a successful overland assault, our leader led us on a naval battle.

Captain Dan attempted to keelhaul a bridge abutment.

Even after marshalling the troops, our leader had the energy to be a benevolent dictator.

David pretended he had a broken foot so all the in-laws would give him some space. Cathleen saw through his subterfuge.

Lena got a glimpse into why Daniel is so weird.

The kids try to pretend they were well behaved.
But couldn't contain their true nature.
The big kids weren't much better.
John took Daniel out for a physical fitness test.
There was peace and quiet for several minutes.
We had a visit from the Unabomber.

All and all, we had a surprisingly good time.

At least Tom and Susan were surprised.

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