Crystal Lake


A beautiful cross-country hike near McCall, Crystal Lake is just off the Fall Creek trail.

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After our climb up Sawtooth Peak yesterday, Jasmine did not want to hike today. Adding to that, this trail starts uphill, with no warmup. It is also somewhat overgrown and, typical for the area, lacking any maintenance.

We made the best of it, and Jasmine sort of enjoyed the ferns and undergrowth once it was explained that ticks aren't out in October.

Getting into the spirit, she wanted to climb this trail-side boulder.

Unfortunately, her dad told her that the top of the climb was this saddle overlooking McCall and Payette Lake.

He was wrong- the top is several hundred feet higher up the ridge, south of the pass.

From the top of the ridge, the views were typically wonderful. Sawtooth Peak, which we climbed the day before, is in the distance on the left, while Snowslide is the high point on the right.

There are several unnamed ponds in the area, but Crystal is fairly large.

From the saddle, the lake is accessed by bushwhacking up the ridge, then dropping about 1,000'. Oops.

Jasmine's main problem with hiking is not knowing how long or far things might be. Once she gets the lay of the land, she usually has a great time. Her body language speaks volumes, although it may be she was just hamming for the camera.

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