Craters of the Moon


The Craters of the Moon National Monument is very scenic and interesting, and a great place to hike.

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It's a long drive over to the Craters from Boise. Although John enjoyed the scenic drive through Gooding, Jasmine was bored and unhappy.

However, once she saw the incredible moonscape, she started to cheer up. She liked the lava tubes.

She even let her dad hug her.

In Jasmine's world, any hike that provides a good glissade is a good one.

Our loop was several miles long, climbing over ridges and around buttes, mostly on park trails. These spatter cones were of particular interest.

The trail goes right to the top, where you can look down into the old vent.

Then we cut cross-country on snow for a ways, and finished up walking on the road. This time of year the road was closed, a nice feature. I would imagine the road to be unpleasant when open, with no shoulder or other accommodation for non-motorized traffic.

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