Bruneau sand dunes


An off-season hike near Mountain Home, Bruneau is the tallest free-standing dune in the US

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Before going to the dunes, we explored Malad Gorge. It was raining lightly, and the soil there tends to be like gumbo, so we didn't explore very much.

When we got to the dunes, it was a sunny spring day, perhaps a little windy but overall quite pleasant- even shirt-sleeve weather.

The dunes are quite dry, leaving unprepared hikers wanting water, even begging for it like Jasmine here.

We climbed to the top of the dunes and got a wonderful view of the entire area.

It's almost always windy on top of the big dune. Eye protection is not a bad idea, since it's a safe assumption that the wind will be carrying a large load of sand.

We ran off the back side of the dune, then circled north to loop around the large lake that sits at the base of the main dune. The perspective of the picture looks like the dune is behind them, but they are running down the steep dune, and what looks like a hill is actually fairly flat ground. The yellow blob is a huge pile of tumbleweeds resting in a protected pocket.

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