Mount Borah


A fast ascent of Idaho's tallest peak, Mount Borah

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Tom showed up on the 19th, and we immediately went out to try to kill each other on our bikes, riding hard on a hot day. We went all the way to the top of the Boise front.

The next day we rode up Kirkham Ridge- not recommended unless you want to climb about 8000 vertical feet. That hill off in the distance isn't the top- it's just one of about a dozen false summits with 500' drops between them.

The total gain isn't that much, but the trail follows the top of a rolling ridge. The vistas are awesome.

So after two days of punishing work, living mostly on Power Bars, we decided to run over and climb Borah.

John had climbed it just 10 days before with his brother and nephew.

We went very light. You can see we were wearing our cycling clothes. And light running shoes.

It was a gorgeous day, and fortunately not too cold or we would have had to back off. This view is to the east.

This is from my favorite sunning spot. There are a handful of 12,000ers in view.

Then it was off to the airport. Note the valley floor about 6,000' below.

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