Mount Borah


We got caught in an electrical storm before having a cloudless summit on Mount Borah, Idaho's tallest peak

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Chris was 11 years old at the time. We weren't sure how Chris would hold up, so we got a very early start.

As it turned out, he flew. We were well ahead of schedule when we tucked into the wind-protection hole on the ridge at about 10,500'.

Not long after, the wind really came up and it started to sleet. We put on the foul weather gear.

At Chicken Out, we put Chris on a rope. An 11 year old is not ready to make judgments about mountain safety.

As John led up the first pitch, he thought the sleet was making an awful racket on his jacket hood. Then he realized it was no longer sleeting. The noise was electricity!

We hid for about 10 minutes, then the whole storm blew over. The rest of the day was clear.

Tom is on the horizon, traversing over from Chicken Out to the saddle at 11,800'.

We got to the summit so early that the sun was not yet fully up.

We layered up and layed in the sun. We were alone on the summit and spent about 1/2 hour on top.

Chris had a bit of an altitude headache.


After Chicken Out, we took off the rope and got out the ski poles. At the bottom, Tom and John were suffering from rubber knees. When Chris was given permission to go ahead, he ran all the way to the pickup.

Tom and John enjoyed a beer in lawn chairs while Chris perspired heavily in the sealed-up truck cab: his phobia of bugs was the reason he ran.

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