Bogus Basin skiing


A friend from Wisconsin practices on the chairlift then heads up Mores Mountain for "earn your turns" skiing

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Harry came to visit us and get some tele instruction. He did great on the introductory part. When questioned, he even remembered how many skis are required.

When it came to actually using those two skis, progress slowed. I told him it was like dancing.

Apparently, he thought I meant slam dancing.

Next we left the ski area and climbed Mores Mountain. He had trouble with getting his arms and legs in opposition.

He did better after I took his gum away.

He was the first to the top. Go, Ed Whimper!

He was a little disappointed that there were no rocks to roll.

Then came the real test (you may want to click on the image to see a larger version).

The first turn looked pretty good.

But by the second turn, things were beginning to unravel.

The third turn was,...well,.....not really a turn. Well, OK, we'll cut him some slack. He did end up pointing in different directions.


To give him some credit, he did a lot better the next day on Copper Mountain.

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