Bogus Basin backpack


A secret getaway close to Boise, we found privacy on Memorial Day

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We were looking for a quiet place to camp on Memorial Day weekend. Figuring the Mores Mtn campground would be full, we hiked up on the side of Shafer Butte.

We had a light dinner- well, maybe not: I think Fosters is considered an ale, mate.

And then we hit the sack.

Jasmine got to try out her new sleeping bag.

It works- she slept.

John is a perpetual early riser. This habit was a real treat up here where you can watch the sun come up.

Jasmine woke up a little later.

Later still, Tom and Chris finally crawled out of their tent. We went for a casual hike to the top of the mountain. The kids looked for treasure amongst the debris at the bottom of the chairlift ramps.

We hiked and scrambled among the rocks that crown Shafer.

And enjoyed the views of Deer Point and Boise. Then our idyll ended and we drove back to town and the real world: lawn mowing.

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