After Brian drug me up Adams and St. Helens last year, my enthusiasm soared. Jasmine turned 8 this year, and for the first time carried all her own gear on a backpacking trip on the 22-mile Alice-Twin-Toxaway loop. Here is the full list:

February 24 Black Cliffs, a local rock climbing area Jasmine
March 3 Bogus Basin and Mores Mountain Harry
March 4 Copper Mountain telemarking Harry, Carl, and Tom
March 16 Jump Creek Julie and Jas
March 23 Bruneau sand dunes Tom, Chris, and Mackenzie, and Jas
March 30 Craters of the Moon Jas
May 17 Mt. Adams (no summit) Tom and Todd
May 26-27 Bogus Basin Tom, Chris, and Jas
June 9-11 Alice-Twin-Toxaway loop Jasmine
July 8 Thorn Creek Lookout Julie and Jas
July 12 Mt. Borah Chris and Tom
July 17-19 Upper Payette Lake Family Re-union
July 21 Mt. Borah Big Tom
September 1-3 Leatherman Peak Jerry; Art and Tegan
September 9 Snowslide Peak Jas
September 21 Thompson and Williams peaks Todd
September 28 Mt. McGowan Carl
October 6 He Devil and She Devil Art
October 7 Sawtooth Peak Richard, Julie, and Jas
October 8 Crystal Lake Jas
November 4 War Eagle Mountain Jas
December 3 Squaw Creek Brian
December 8 Mores Mountain telemarking Dave

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