Mount St. Helens, WA


A night climnb of Washington's Mount St. Helens nets a view of the sunrise from the summmit.

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Brian Mahon started the annual Celebration of Life before his friend Jeff passed away from cancer. Now Brian continues the tradition every year. For 2000, he invited John and Harry.

Our original plan was to climb Mt. St. Helens, ride our bikes 40 miles to Mt. Adams, and climb Mt. Adams, all in a single push. However, late summer snow put a stop to that nonsense and we substituted two mountain bike rides in the area for the long snow-filled traverse between the mountains.

Nonetheless, Brian made us start climbing at 1am to simulate the original plan.

Note: Harry, aka "Edward Whimper," was the first to the summit.

Climbing in the dark seemed weird, but being on the summit for the sunrise was awesome. Note Mt. Adams in the background, which we did climb the following day.

Harry was sort of a Cub Scout on this adventure, his first peak. We felt it was important for him to learn some mountain skills, like self-arrest.

With Harry, you have to start out easy.

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