Mount Adams, WA


A perfect day on a Washington volcano, Mount Adams offers some fantastic telemark skiing.

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We were tired from climbing Mt. St. Helens the day before, or perhaps it was the two bike rides after the climb. Whatever, we were still in our bags when the sun came up and it still seemed like we had had less sleep than appropriate. Up, Up! We had another peak on the To Do list for this year's Celebration of Life.

This was going to be a mixed-gear day. We had several miles of easy trail (an old dirt road) to walk.

John chose sandals. Then we had a snow climb, so we had ice axes. For the descent, John was going to tele, and Brian snowboard.

Our packs were too big.

It was a beautiful day, perfectly cloudless. We could see St. Helens off to the west. We had been standing on her summit only about 24 hours earlier.

As we approached the summit of Adams, Harry became very quiet (quite unusual for Harry), and looked a little ashen. But we stuck him in the chunnel to lose some altitude, and his normal color and chatter came right back.

John and Brian enjoyed the perfect corn on the descent: hero snow. Trailhead

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