Storm Peak


A bike ride / hike / climb of Storm Peak in the Lick Creek range near McCall, Idaho

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This was probably the trip where Richard and John refined their technique: They both hike in, Richard catches dinner, and John explores the next ridge, peak, or basin. Then they hike out and drive home. Barbecue the fish while swilling Richard's home brew on the deck. Ah, Life!

This trip began at Upper Payette Lake, from which we rode our bikes as far as we could, then walked to the Upper Twenty Mile Basin.

Then we followed an old trail leading to a rough bushwhack to the summit of Storm Peak, and finally down to Storm Peak Lake. Richard fished with no luck, while John ran up a ridge to the north for a better view of the wall above the lake.

Sometimes looking at something straight on makes it look steeper than it actually is.

The profile of the cliff shows that in this instance, the wall is as steep as it looks.

When we got back to the Twenty Mile Basin, the clouds had moved in and the fish were biting.

John was off exploring the other three lakes in the basin. Richard also fulfilled his obligation.

With a pack full of trout, it was time to head home.

Anyone want a stout with their trout?

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