Squaw Creek


A hike near Marsing in the Owyhees

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We were looking for a fall hike for the folks down from McCall. John picked the Owyhees, a favorite area for a long time. It's usually warmer than in Boise, and it's most certainly quieter.

Jasmine was in fine form, going all out for the camera.

When we got back into the canyon, we found the creek had frozen over, then meandered and frozen again, over and over.

This left a thick layer of soft, hollow ice covering the stream. Normally there are rocks to hop, but they were buried in the ice.

Not wanting to fall into the creek, we instead hiked the high country above the canyon.

Jasmine took every opportunity to ham for the camera.


Again and again.


We're not sure if Richard and Shelley really enjoyed the hike, or were just happy to be in shirtsleeves instead of shoveling snow in McCall.

To get here, head towards Winnemucca from Marsing. Turn left on the road for the waste dump, right by the weigh station.

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