Mount Borah


My first climb of Idaho's tallest peak, this trip up Mount Borah was also my first visit to a summit of Idaho's Lost River range.

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I had attempted Borah in January back in the 70s, so it was high time I got back and summitted. From the parking lot, it looks to be a long, long way to the top.

The trail up Borah is about as steep as it comes; you climb 5000' in 3.5 miles.

Gord makes it look easy. The juxtaposition of the two redheads is very artistic, no?

I was intimidated by the sight of ChickenOut Ridge. I just kept telling myself that if Gord had done it, I could do it.

It wasn't that bad, especially with Bob guiding- I think he had done it about 320 times.

Another perspective on the altitude gain. If you look really closely, you can see the cars in the lot at the near end of the road (try clicking on the photo for a larger version).

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