Honeycombs, Oregon


A hike into the canyons near Owyhee reservoir, Oregon

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Tom, Natalie, and John had been searching for the Honeycombs on mountain bikes for several weeks. On our adventures, we rode through amazing country, including Painted Canyon.

We had determined there was no way to ride to the Honeycombs- we'd have to hike. As it turned out, the hike was on about the best trail we had been seen in the area. Instead of "bovine singletrack," it was an actual, man-made trail. But the trail stops at the top of the valley. Tom is wondering, "Can a man live through riding this drop?"

The day was pretty hazy, but it still looked like we could ride through the sandy bottom of the canyon out to the reservoir.

But if the route to the reservoir was good, why didn't people use it? And what happens after you get to the water- can you ride around to the bottom of Painted Canyon?

We don't know.


But the walls in the Honeycombs are huge. Perhaps over 400 feet?


With lots on our minds, we headed home.

This was a wonderful hike that even Jaz liked.

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