Enos Lake and South Loon Mountain


A backpack trip into the Lick Creek range near McCall, Including a climb of South Loon Mountain

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We wanted to do a "male bonding" hike over Labor Day weekend. With Richard as leader, we chose Enos Lake. This is a mildly strenuous hike, made doubly so with full packs and the necessary cross-country travel. As we left Duck Lake, Richard was concerned we had missed the turn-off so we bushwhacked an alder-covered hillside. On the return we found the trail was quite obvious and about 100 yards further than where we had left the trail. Oh well. After cresting the first ridge, Richard pointed out where we were headed.
There was a trail down to the small lake, but then we were going to go cross country over the right shoulder of South Loon Mountain. Enos Lake would be at the bottom of South Loon.
With this group, if you are on a high ridge you have to summit. South Loon is one of the higher peaks in the area, so the view is extensive.
Tom and John took turns taking pictures of each other.
Then it was time to head down into the lake basin. There are actually quite a few lakes in proximity to Enos, including the Jungle group.
But first, you have to get down to Enos. Richard called it a trail.We spent three days in the basin. Tom and Richard fished, catching dinner each day. John hiked, sneaking up on a family of goats at upper Jungle. The afternoons were punctuated with thunderstorms including the non-optional deluge. We hid from the downpour in the "circus tent" sipping brandy while John read aloud from Richard Brautigan's Trout Fishing in America.
With all the rain, it was a pretty soggy walk out. Tom gloated over his footwear while Richard and John wrang out their socks and poured water from their boots. Those boots may not keep the water out, but they do a good job keeping it IN.

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