Mount Borah


An anniversary climb of Idaho's highest peak, Mount Borah.

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Julie keeps living through our Anniversary adventure, so John keeps having to up the ante. This year the goal was Mt. Borah, featuring its infamous Chicken-Out Ridge.

We set up camp at the Mt. Borah trailhead, and watched an amazing sunset.

Julie pretty much flew up the early obstacles. At the beginning of Chicken-Out, John pulled out the rope. The route traverses from a safe platform in a direction out and up to the right, into increasing exposure.

After the ridge comes the snow traverse. This little section is only a hundred feet or so, but the snow is steep on either side. What the picture does not show is the thousand-foot runout on either side.
There were several patches of very hard snow to negotiate on the face. There was even a pile of it on the summit.

It was either a general lack of acclimatization, or a too-fast pace on the early part of the mountain, but Julie had a bit of a headache.

But that hardly compared to the pain in her quads over the next several days. Mt. Borah strikes again!

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