Pilot Peak


A ski tour and birthday smorgasbord

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Gordy and Carl share the same birthday, same year.

Things were slow at the store due to an alleged lack of snow, so I proposed a day of skiing at Pilot's. The next morning, we drove up to the parking lot in my van. I sent the rest of the group ahead, explaining that loading Mariel into the pulk would be time consuming.

Once they were all out of sight, I loaded the front of the pulk with a surprise gourmet picnic. Mariel snuggled in for the long haul up the mountain. Note the little urchin peaking over the backrest of the pulk.

By the time the sled team arrived, the rest of the gang had already done some turns. Sitting down for what they thought was cold sammies, I whipped out the Kahlua for starters and the birthday party was on.
Later on, Mariel fell asleep. I snuck off for some turns (within eyesight) but Mariel couldn't see me when she awoke. She set off the alarm at a volume that brought everyone back in a hurry.

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