I graduated from high school in 1972.

Art, Jerry, Tom, Walt, and I were classmates at Boise High. You'll see these names repeatedly in my trip reports because we still climb together.

Back in the 70s Tom and I did a lot of rock climbing (I list a few climbs here with extimated dates and no trip reports because I did not keep track), and did a Northwest volcano loop, climbing Hood and Rainier in the same week.

  ~1971-1976 Table Rock Tom
  1971 Finger of Fate backside  
  1971 Slick Rock  
May 1972 Mt. Regan Jerry
March 1973 Finger of Fate  
  1974 Mt. Heyburn  
July 1974 Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier Tom
  1974 Finger of Fate, Feel Free  
  1974 Arrowhead  
  1975 Finger of Fate, Open Book and Feel Free in the same day  
  1975 Elephant's Perch (not successful)  

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